Visions and Values

Governors and Trustees are committed to maintaining the Christian distinctiveness of the schools and have agreed that the purpose of the MAT is Inspiring Educational Excellence for Everyone. We will live out this vision through five core values:

Collaboration, Respect, Inspiration, Hope and Nurture.

As a family of schools we will work together for the benefit of all our children; celebrating both the similarities and differences of each school’s individual ethos and values.

In our family of schools, we are committed to the dignity, value and well-being of each individual. We are tolerant and inclusive, we appreciate difference and need for change and embrace the views of all members of the community through Christian values.

Inspiration breathes life into our schools. In our schools children will experience a creative and engaging curriculum full of opportunities for them to flourish. Our staff will be encouraged to develop and grow through excellent professional development.

As a family of schools we look to the future with hope and aspiration. We are a community with an optimistic and positive attitude where we learn to show trust, resilience and aspiration for the future.

We believe in educating and caring for the whole child, not just academic excellence but physical and intellectual development united with spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. When making decisions, we put the needs of our children first ensuring that they and their families are valued and supported holistically.